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 Possibly Changing and Moving the forum

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PostSubject: Possibly Changing and Moving the forum   Possibly Changing and Moving the forum EmptySat Jan 25, 2014 9:41 am

Someone pointed out that the TOS for this free host doesn't like forums such as what we will be using this one for and they can delete it without notice if they ever see fit. (Good thing I back it all up lol) Its not like if I had my own paid server where the worst that can happen is I lose my host provider, I can always move or switch them.

I'm planning to move this forum if possible to a decent server of my own if I can find one to use that doesn't suck and doesn't cost me several hundred dollars a month. I've gotten donations that helped, but not enough monthly for one that would cost that much lol. I just need to look around since I havent had one since 2006 and things have changed.

In the mean time this forum can still be used. I am thinking about changing this one around once I move Blackstar Forums to a different host and use it there and this one will be a forum that teaches and helps everyone to learn how to encode kind of like Doom9 and VideoHelp forums but with a much nicer owner and less strict rules lol. I will share most of what I know so anyone who understands it can end up with encodes pretty close the quality I get and allow others to do the same.

The move or change is not going to happen anytime soon and when and if I do move it everything will still be there so feel free to keep using the site like you normally would.

Possibly Changing and Moving the forum JCydxBi
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Possibly Changing and Moving the forum
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