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 Is 720p even worth it anymore?

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Is 720p even worth it anymore? Empty
PostSubject: Is 720p even worth it anymore?   Is 720p even worth it anymore? EmptySat May 09, 2020 2:46 am

With hard drives being much larger than they were 6+ years ago, digital streaming file sizes and downloads becoming larger as well, and 4K being phased in slowly, I have come to wonder if encoding things in 720p is even worth it anymore.

Honestly the only 5 good reasons I can think of to encode in 720p are these.

1. It's a 480p source and the 480p video being upscaled to 720p looks great, and or very acceptable.

2. The source materials native resolution was 480p/720p, and you cannot get the 1080p to look acceptable.

3. To save hard drive space.

4. Your TV is so old that it is still a 480p CRT or a 720p HDTV.

5. You computer is so old that the processor, gpu, and memory either cannot, or can just barely handle loading and running 1080p HD video. (If this is the case, it's really time to get a new computer. Even if it's a cheap POS, it will put your current one to shame)

I used to always do a 720p encode along with my 1080p simply to cater to those who preferred smaller file sizes. With hard drives being larger now and easy to get, size shouldn't really be as big of an issue as it once was 10 years ago. If the 1080p/4K Blu-Ray master looks good enough, and does not look like a shitty upscale, I no longer bother to encode a 720p version as well.

Do you even bother with 720p anymore? If so, what is your particular reason for choosing to do so?

Is 720p even worth it anymore? JCydxBi
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Is 720p even worth it anymore? O1LwLid
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Is 720p even worth it anymore? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is 720p even worth it anymore?   Is 720p even worth it anymore? EmptySat May 16, 2020 6:21 pm

I was never bothered tbh with 720p. I always wanted to have the best for my collection. The only reason to choose 720p was when I couldn't find 1080p. Smile
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Is 720p even worth it anymore?
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