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 For all who are coming here from CW

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For all who are coming here from CW Empty
PostSubject: For all who are coming here from CW   For all who are coming here from CW EmptyThu Jan 23, 2014 3:25 pm

I made a quick usable forum of my own until I look into getting my own server and running my own site again.

I haven't done that since 2006 so there's several changes available I have to look into.

Still, a free forum is okay for now until I make it more professional with a paid server later on. Better than nothing eh?

I don't expect it to become like Cartoon World was popularity wise, at least not yet (Kametsu is probably a better place to go) It's more to keep sharing my stuff after CW goes down and more to be kinda like CW since I like it so much and we were all sad to see it decide that it's going down.

I'm trying to keep things similar to CW without fully copying their ideas and making my own ideas as well. That way CW users feel more at home once CW goes down and the users begin to come here if they want.

Anyways, I still have alot of work to do on this, but its completely usable at the moment so feel free to transfer your stuff from CW over to here.
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For all who are coming here from CW
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