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 Goodbye Cartoon World :[

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Goodbye Cartoon World :[ Empty
PostSubject: Goodbye Cartoon World :[   Goodbye Cartoon World :[ EmptyWed Feb 26, 2014 5:07 am

Cartoon World is now officially down as of 11PM last night.

I'm sad to see it to go after using it for so many years. I really wish they would have considered keeping it up and updating it properly even if a full PHP recoding would have been needed, instead of being lazy about it after one screw up and giving up on it.

I hope to be able to keep its loyal fans happy with this sites design since its close to the same.

Goodbye CW, you will be missed plenty by me and I'm sure several others as well.

Goodbye Cartoon World :[ JCydxBi
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Goodbye Cartoon World :[ O1LwLid
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Goodbye Cartoon World :[ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Goodbye Cartoon World :[   Goodbye Cartoon World :[ EmptyThu Jul 03, 2014 2:40 am

Really there was no screw up; it was a joke that spread around. Vald was just teasing Sakura cause he's accident-prone. The thing was, C-W never intended to be about a community forum. They were first and foremost an IRC channel dedicated to capping and encoding toons on TV. A forum was made to coincide with this ideal; but through the years and many ownership changes it sorta became it's own thing about sharing files through file hosts. The core C-W staff never bothered with the forum, never visited the forum, and never did anything with it. To them it was a waste a space and taking away exposure from what the real reason C-W existed.

Merging with another community, had actually been talked about or at least brought up numerous times in conversations for like the last 3 years. A lot of the active userbase used both forums, both forums were practically about the same thing; yet my forum was actively maintained, had actual staff who maintained things, and had forked over tons of money to ensure things were secure and that we had the best forum software available for the latest features, security, and spam monitoring.

C-W ran on phpBB, a free software that hasn't really had any update in nearly 7 years. It has no measures to prevent the spambots of today, it lacked many features that users would call the norm for community message boards of today, etc. Basically in order for C-W forums to move forward; they were looking at roughly $300 in expenses. Considering C-W staff didn't even want the forum to exist anymore in the first place, they weren't about to fork over cash on it. C-W forums was basically a dead community too. It had been doing nothing more than dwindling down for the last 3 years. 90% of their download section was dead links, 85% of their userbase hadn't visited in more than a year, and nothing outside the download section would even get any posts. There was no discussions to be had. Not a single fix, update, or maintenance had been done in nearly 4 years. 99% of their staff had got missing in action.

C-W forums will be missed by many, but it had seen it's time. It was ready to go out like the Going Merry. Things might have been different if the staff actually wanted a forum and had actually wanted to put any effort into it; but honestly it's best to condense two communities that share the same use into one more active community that can continue to thrive and be maintained.

As you can see, there is very few users that haven't made the move. Most would even tell you now that they enjoy my forum more than they ever did C-W. The community is more friendly, the staff more helpful, rules enforced, trolls actually get banned, spam never makes it through our filters, etc.
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Goodbye Cartoon World :[
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