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 Funny Picture Sharing Rules (4/8/2017)

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PostSubject: Funny Picture Sharing Rules (4/8/2017)   Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:24 pm

Rule 1: Don't post pics with nudity in this section. Post pictures like that in the Hentai or 18+ Funny Pictures section.

Rule 2: If a thread dedicated to a certain series is already made, please post your pictures in that thread instead of making a whole new one.

Rule 3: If your image is over 750p wide, I request that you put it in spoiler buttons or resize the image by either the use of BBC code or an image editor. This is not an enforced rule and not mandatory, but it keeps pages from stretching and makes other peoples viewing experience easier.

This thread explains how to do this easily with BBC in seconds. Don't worry, your image can still be viewed at full size by clicking on it.


Other than that, have and give a good laugh!!


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Funny Picture Sharing Rules (4/8/2017)
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