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 Complaints Rules

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PostSubject: Complaints Rules   Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:29 am

Rule 1: Do not post in here if you are going to be doing it in all caps, yelling in anger, or start throwing names or racist comments around. I realize this is a section for complaints, but it does not have to be posted in a way that is going to make the reader just want to ignore you for it.

Try to keep it calm and post your complaint in detail so that it can be understood and dealt with in a mature and friendly way.

Rule 2: If your wanting to complain about a user who has offended you, please try to talk things out with them first or block them. I realize this is not always possible but I'm asking you to please try it first. If that does not work then report it in a PM to me or an administrator. Please do not put complaints over users in this part of the forum.

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Complaints Rules
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