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 General Chat Rules

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PostSubject: General Chat Rules   General Chat Rules EmptyFri Jan 24, 2014 10:17 am

Rule 1: Please keep racist comments and childish personal arguments out of the forum. We do not wish to see 2 people going at it in an argument that's calling each other names or fighting over personal reasons. An argument over who is right or wrong about something is fine, but when it starts to get personal or an attack on each other, that's where I hope to draw the line.

If an argument or something was said that would start an argument happens, please report it to me or take it to PM's instead of letting it continue on in threads.

Rule 2: Be friendly and welcoming to the community. Newer people might not be knowledgeable on as much as you, so try to show some patience with them even if they do seem a bit dimwitted.

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General Chat Rules
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