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 Codec and Computer changes

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PostSubject: Codec and Computer changes   Codec and Computer changes EmptyWed Nov 29, 2017 8:35 pm

Up til now I have been a major Windows 7 fan and CCCP codec pack fan. This may be changing soon and if it does, it could mean a short amount of time where I will be unavailable for contact due to setting things up.

So why the change? Well I heard they extended the Windows 10 free upgrade until the end of December, and that you can also now use your Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 keys as the key to register it. It does not have to be an upgrade anymore, it can be a fresh install with the free downloadable Windows 10 ISO Microsoft provides for download and you just use your current operating system key.

You can find the tool here if You wish to Create a Windows 10 ISO.

So if you have an old Windows 7,8, or 8.1 key and wish to get Windows 10 while its still free, this is the time to make your decision.

NOTE: If you are making the ISO and installing Windows 10 with the plan to use your older operating system key to register it, this is important. The keys between versions are not interchangeable. For example, if your Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 was Professional Version, then you will need to use Windows 10 Professional. If it was Home Version, then you will need to use Windows 10 Home.
Another thing to know is this. I have not verified this, but I am assuming it will also need to be used on the same computer as the one you activated your older operating system on because the keys are registered and linked with your motherboard to keep you from just using it on multiple computers. If this is the case and for some reason it will not activate for you on another computer, you can just install it on a USB Thumb Drive or another Hard Drive and activate it on that computer, then move it to another computer for use if you want.

Just yesterday, I installed Windows 10 onto a 256GB Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 Thumb Drive and made it bootable so that you can boot from it instead of the computers hard drive if you wish. Originally I was doing this for my tech and IT kit so when I go to peoples houses, I have a portable operating system to use with alot of my tools on it. I have Windows 7, 8, 10 and Linux installed like this on USB Drives for my tech kit.

NOTE: I will be creating a tutorial in the tech section of the forum that teaches you how to install Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 onto a USB thumb drive that is bootable and can be loaded on any computer. A separate one for how to do this with Linux and any other Bootable media will be put up as well as well. So please do not flood me with messages or requests to know how to do this.

EDIT: The tutorials are written and can be found here.

Now because this was on a USB Thumb Drive, I could easily duplicate or re-install the operating system. That way if anything went wrong or I didn't like something, it could be changed without fear of loss of data. Because of this, I decided to play around with it, so I made one for personal use as well and put all of my usual things onto it. The only difference is, I chose to check out a couple updates to things I normally did not like updates for when I checked them.

The one thing I messed with and decided to update was the codec pack I usually prefer. Last time I checked these, I did not like the updates because they took some things I preferred out of it or some things seems of lesser quality. I also noticed when I went to update my CCCP pack that it apparently has not been updated since 2015. Because of this I decided to give K-Lite codec pack another chance to see how it has progressed. When I went to check out what it offers, I found out it still has everything I loved and more, with the ability to customize it ALOT and pick and choose how each file type is rendered and with what. It even came with something I wanted badly before but could never get to install correctly. So I installed it, and gave it a chance. So far I fucking love it! I get everything I wanted still, and even more if I choose to change anything for whatever reason. Another thing I love about this now is that the settings for everything included in the package can be backed up to a folder as a few files and restored, so if I wish to backup or share my player and codec settings with all of you, I can now do this.

They also seem to have gotten rid of most of the junk they used to include in this codec pack. Years ago, they used to put in garbage that you probly would never use or that could impact your system performance. It also pretty much took over your system and settings and did not go well with other media players or settings. It always wanted to be the default for everything and changed all the settings and defaults around. It is now MUCH better with that issue and does not bother me anymore. Also, at one point many years ago, it was even reported to be spyware or have some included in it. It seem to be pretty legit and safe looking to me so far.

Because of all these things, I am now changing my usual recommendation from CCCP to K-Lite Codec pack and will include the current version I am using, its updates, and my chosen settings in a downloadable package. I will of course tinker with the settings more and compare them before I do this, but be sure to look for them if you wish to get these things.

Another thing I decided to play with was the operating system. When I heard about the getting Windows 10 free expansion and being able to use older OS keys now, I jumped on it to get my keys registered with it, even if I did not use it so that I did not have to purchase it later.

When it first came out, Windows 10 was less than impressive to me. In fact I did not take to or care too much for it at all. I also heard about how it basically spies on you and collects information like crazy on you. Personally I dont see anything unreasonable yet and have been able to turn off most of what I do not want it collecting from me in settings, so it doesnt seem to be a big issue.

The latest version has actually been improved quite a bit compared to when it was first released. So far I am really liking it. I have been booting from the USB drive and using the Windows 10 since I made the installation of it. It seems to run alot faster and boots much faster as well. now this could be because thumb drive is an SSD and its runs faster than a Hard Drive, but I have not tested that to verify that's the reason. Its possible that it is actually coded better than previous versions of the system.

I hate what they did to Skype's appearance on Windows 10, but mostly everything else seems pretty nice and really customizable and workable. The only thing I really hate is the built in antivirus. You cannot turn off real time protection and if you do it turns back on automatically after a short while. There might be a workaround or I may be able to code something to stop it, but it's not so bad. It seems better than Windows Defender was and is free.

I admit I have barely used Windows 10 so far, but I will be checking this out even more and seeing if alot of my older things will run on it properly. If things work properly on it and I like it even more, I just might overwrite my Gaming/Encoding Computers installation of Windows 7 with it. I may also just buy another Gaming computer with Windows 10 on it, which is what I think I will do given the choices.

I have no idea if this will effect my encoding at all or the outcomes of the encodes. It just might because of having different or updated codecs to use, but that is something I will have to look into and test thoroughly. Not sure if the decoders or encoders used are built into my encoder or if it uses installed system codecs. I will check all of this out later. I will not just make assumptions because my quality OCD will not allow it lol. I am not going to worry about it right this minute, so checking this out and testing it thoroughly will be a more down the line things after I have decided if I even like the Operating System more than Windows 7.

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Codec and Computer changes
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