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 KickAssTorrents is back!?

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PostSubject: KickAssTorrents is back!?   KickAssTorrents is back!? EmptyThu Jan 12, 2017 2:49 pm

I have heard many people keep saying that KickAssTorrents is back up and that I can use it again. It has become apparent to me, that most lack knowledge about this information.

KickAssTorrents has not been brought back online by its original founders and or owners to my knowledge. There are a lot of mirror sites which are pretty much clones of it and are there to keep the traffic going should something happen to the original. There are also clones of it that are malicious and just want ad revenue or your account information. I've noticed some of them that no matter what you type in, even if its something ridiculous that it will take you to a result or torrent and say it has thousands of seeders, then insist you make a free account. That is suspicious behavior in my eyes and I don't want to be part of that.

Here is a perfect example of that. I tried to view my KAT profile and what do I get? A torrent file, not my profile.


I have not only found on my own, but have been pointed to several of these as well. So I am going to list a few, just to prove these are not the original founders/owners doing. If one of them actually is, then congrats to them and I hope it works out because until I hear further notice from the original founders/owners of the site, I dont think I will be uploading to these mirrored sites. If I do, I will be using a new created account so my old one stays untouched.

Known ones that I can think off right off hand include these. (I have seen more of them)


NOTE: This particular one tried to convince me that I had adware, spyware and needed to pay to get it removed. It opened up a webpage that would not let me close it and kept popping up dialogues talking about how my computer is infected while a voice playing wouldn't shut up about my infection. It practically takes over your computer and stops access to other things by covering your screen up.

Now since I am in computer tech, I knew that was complete BS and didn't fall for it. I made sure not to click yes or no and clicked the close button instead, I had my browser turn off pop up dialogues to shut it up, and then I closed it's window with a shortcut key for windows known as Alt+F4 since their X button in the top right only made something else pop up or wouldn't close it.


Now these mirrors/clones of the original might actually work fine at times, but I am just giving you a heads up about a possible something you may not like happening to your computer or your account. I do not believe the original founders/creators of KickAssTorrents created these to be a reuploaded version of their site under a new domain name. I also highly recommend not using any of them.

I have seen this same exact thing with ThePirateBay, there are mirrors/clones of that as well. Only difference is, apparently that sites creators actually did bring it back. I never did find out for sure if it was them, or a government trying to keep logs of traffic IP's or something.

KickAssTorrents is back!? JCydxBi
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KickAssTorrents is back!? O1LwLid
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KickAssTorrents is back!?
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