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 Windows 10 is not for your privacy that's for sure

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PostSubject: Windows 10 is not for your privacy that's for sure   Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:41 am

Windows 10 has alot of ways to track all your activity and to log your personal information and computer use. If Microsoft ever needed to use it against you for something legally or they wanted to just be nosy and find out what to market people, there's alot you cannot hide from them because of this newer operating systems. it's gotten to the point where it's supposedly smart enough to be able to stop some of your pirated programs or games from working. They can even go so far as to keep a copy of every e-mail you read or write on your computer if they want to. There's too much crap to say about this, but I will say this! If you like your privacy or love to use alot of cracked programs and games and or love to pirate copyrighted material, I would avoid Windows 10 and or not allow Windows 10 to connect to the internet or Microsoft's servers, whether its manual block of them or third party software.

Microsoft may not actually be reading and going through millions of people's personal information, but they are making sure to log it or keep info on it so if a lawsuit is ever needed, they certainly have their proof. They may even actually be looking at it all and an inside job the higher ups aren't aware of could use your credit cards info or something. Either way, it doesn't seem like you can keep many secrets when using this operating system.

Most of what this guy says in this video is true. That's actually just the beginning of it thats mentioned here.

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PostSubject: Re: Windows 10 is not for your privacy that's for sure   Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:10 pm

I smell either fine print or possible lawsuits.

I never wanted to use it anyways. I'm sure if or when I try it out, you can stop half of that for me if I bring it over to your place for looking at.
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Windows 10 is not for your privacy that's for sure
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