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 How to create and upload a torrent

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PostSubject: How to create and upload a torrent   Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:50 pm

In this tutorial, I will explain how to create and upload a torrent so that you can share your things via torrents with people.

The first thing your going to need is a torrent client program to be able to create, download, and share torrents.

Most of the newer clients I find to be crap and they are loaded with ads. I highly recommend this specific torrent client. It does not have ads and works just as well, if not better.


If you wish to use another torrent client, or a newer one, then that's up to you. This one will serve you quite well though.

Now that you have your torrent client installed, check its settings and set it up. I have some settings and tips for speeding up torrents in this thread.


Just skip to step #2 and ignore the rest, unless you wish to read it for knowledge that can only help you out.

Once you have your client all set up it is time to create your torrent. Just follow these steps. (This is assuming you are using the one I recommended above. It should be pretty much the same in any torrent client though)

1. At the top, click on File, and then Create New Torrent.

2. Click on add directory if you are going to be uploading a whole folder, click on add file if you are going to be uploading only a single file. Browse for your directory or file and select Add Folder or Add File, or Done, or OK, or whatever you see to accept your selection. It will then take you back to the create your torrent window. Now we do the next step of it.

3. You will notice a box for trackers in the Create New Torrent window. Just put all the trackers you are going to use or upload to in this box.

The torrent site you wish to upload to usually tells you their tracker to use, you just have to look for it and find out what it is. It's usually in plain site on their webpage or their forum if they have one. You will need this when creating your torrent so that you can seed using their tracker and website.

Sometimes they even automatically put their tracker into your torrent file when you upload to their site. (If you did this and hoped for automatic tracker placement into your torrent file, then make sure you download your torrent once you upload it to their site, and say add trackers in your torrent client so you get the trackers they put in after you uploaded it to their site. That way you can seed with their tracker that you didn't know what it was to put in earlier. If you don't do this, you wont be seeding on their tracker and your upload is almost pointless, as it will use only the public ones if you added any without doing this)

NOTE: If your not sure what their tracker is, cant find it, or are too lazy to look for it then here's an easy way to find out. Just create a new torrent and leave the trackers box blank. Then upload to their website and download your torrent you just uploaded. Look at the properties of your torrent in the torrent client program and it will show you the trackers that torrent is using. If they added any trackers in automatically for you, just make note of what that tracker is, and add it to your list for future use. Then you know what it is and its as simple as that to figuring it out. (Not all sites will take a torrent with no trackers for you to do this, and not all sites have their own tracker and just use public ones, so remember that)

You can copy and paste my list of trackers I use here if you wish. (Bottom of step 3 has the list)


A lot of them are public trackers that anyone can use on multiple torrent sites, so it will get you plenty of traffic no matter which torrent site you upload to. The list is set up especially for Piratebay, 1337x, AniDex, AniRena, Nyaa, LimeTorrents, and any other torrent site that uses just public trackers. If you are planning to use those 4 or only one of them, then I recommend just copying the list I use.

NOTE: Once you create a torrent with your entire list of trackers, the next time you go to create a torrent, the same list should be there. So you shouldn't have to keep pasting them over and over. The only reason you would have to paste the entire list again is if you created a torrent with a blank trackers box, or deleted anything from it.

NOTE: Some torrent sites do not allow certain trackers to be in the torrent you upload to their site. (Be sure to read the Rules and FAQ for the site you are planning to upload to so you don't screw this part up) Most will just auto block the tracker upon upload if they do not allow it, and some, such as Nyaa, wont let it upload at all. For instance, Nyaa will not allow a couple that are in my list and I have to remove them using an editor for uploading to Nyaa or else I will get an error when I try to upload. (The new Nyaa that came up after the original went down, does not seem to have this issue with it and the full tracker list works fine on it now)

If you ever need to remove a tracker or add a tracker to a torrent file you already made, then just use this website.
(Do not create the same torrent over again, just edit the one you made)


It's pretty easy to figure out how to use without my help.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Private trackers such as AsianDVDClub or BitHQ will use their own trackers only and make it easy to find out what their tracker is. So when creating a torrent for private trackers, do not use public trackers, my tracker list, or other sites trackers for torrent uploads to Private Tracker torrent sites. Just leave the trackers box blank, and upload it to the private tracker. It should automatically put their tracker in for you on upload.
Generally these sites are invite only, need an application, or are hard to get an account for. That's how you will know the difference.

4. Once your trackers are all put into the trackers box just make sure the "Start Seeding" box is checked in and click the create/save button to save your torrent file. This will make a torrent file for uploading into torrent sites.

5. Fill out all it's required information, and upload your torrent to whatever torrent site you wish to use or have access to.

That's it, once its uploaded, just leave it alone in your torrent client and wait for people to start downloading your torrent from the site you uploaded it to. When people begin downloading your torrent, it will gain leechers and you will notice upload activity in your torrent client. When people finish downloading your torrent and stick around to share it along with you, then that will add seeders to your torrent.

If you are a first time uploader or are new with no reputation gained from previous uploads, it may take a long while before someone downloads your torrent. Just be patient with it and if someone wants to download it, you will know from the upload activity in your torrent client.

NOTE: You do have to leave your torrent client and computer running in order to be able to seed it to others. If you just make the torrent and close the program, no one will be able to download from you until you open the torrent client again. Just minimize it when your not using it so its still running and not in your way.

NOTICE: What you upload to torrent sites is on you, and neither me, nor this forum will be held accountable for copyright legalities if you ever encounter any.

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How to create and upload a torrent
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