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 Anime & Cartoon Upload Rules (1/13/2017)

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PostSubject: Anime & Cartoon Upload Rules (1/13/2017)   Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:28 pm

Rule 1: Only Anime & Cartoons are allowed in this section, no programs or anything else.

Rule 2: No live action footage material may be posted in this forum! That includes Movies, TV Shows or anything with live footage in it.

Rule 3: No Disney Movies may be posted in this forum.

Rule 4: You should have permission to upload content that wasn't encoded by yourself. This rule will not be strictly enforced, but if there are any complaints, your thread will be removed and you will be warned about it or banned.

Rule 5: Using linkbucks is not allowed! Anything else besides a direct link to the download site is strictly forbidden and will be removed on sight.

Rule 6: Please do not post topics with only one link, unless it is the only episode available for that series or the entire contents is one single file.

Rule 7: All uploads should be titled with the name in normal casing, and without superfluous symbols and text. Please do not use all uppercase letters or caps lock for your titles.

Rule 8: Do not post the same thing multiple times. Edit the post you already have up.

Rule 9: All hentai or potentially offensive material should be posted only in the 18+ Hentai section. (Section is not visible unless your in 18+ Hentai group)

Rule 10: Since I would prefer not to use an image resizer to resize images over a certain height and width, please put your image in a spoiler button or use the proper bbcode to resize your image if it is over 750 pixels wide. Don't worry, your image can still be viewed at full size by clicking on it. I just don't want an image stretching the entire page until huge and in the way.

Here is the proper code usage if you do not know how to use it.

[img(Widthpx,Heightpx)Image URL Here][/img]

(Example usage)


This is easy to use and easy to calculate what to resize it to. You can either resize it in an image editor to upload, or to get your resolution to use in the code above, you can use this calculator to tell you what to resize it to. Just put in your image resolution on the left and on the right side put in a width of 750 or less to get your resize number that's used in the code above.

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Anime & Cartoon Upload Rules (1/13/2017)
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