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 MangaTrader has been hacked/exploited

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MangaTrader has been hacked/exploited Empty
PostSubject: MangaTrader has been hacked/exploited   MangaTrader has been hacked/exploited EmptyWed Jun 11, 2014 5:27 am

Apparently MangaTrader has been hacked and everyone's username/password has been gotten a hold of and a lot of them have been posted online in a list for everyone to see.

If you were a member on there and your log in credentials are the same password as what you use to log in to your e-mail, you might want to change your password if you care about your e-mail account possibly being taken over.

Im not saying it will happen but I am saying it can happen if the password used on the site is the same as you use to get into your e-mail account.

Once someone gets in that e-mail account, they can pretty much take control of whatever else you registered that e-mail account under if they desire.

If you don't care about the account or the e-mail because it was only for MangaTrader and thats it, then I guess there's no worries on your part.

MangaTrader has been hacked/exploited JCydxBi
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MangaTrader has been hacked/exploited O1LwLid
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MangaTrader has been hacked/exploited
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